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Gameplay of Last Light, a must watch

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Check out our new minecraft vid

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Did i ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?

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I was a massive fan of Metro 2033 and i threw a fit of exitement when i picked up my Xbox 360 magazine and saw this preview.

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Already Pre-ordered :)

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L.A. Noire

A week ago i got my hands on L.A. Noire. The game was enjoyable to play and these are my thoughts on it.

L.A. Noire was a potential master-piece of a game that was let down by many small factors, which could easily have been avoided during the development process. The game has absolutely stunning visuals and life-like facial animation, which really adds to the atmosphere of 1940’s L.A. The story kept me hooked throughout and I loved being a cop instead of the typical thug/gangster in Rockstar’s previous free roamers. 

In total there are 21 cases in which you need to solve, these range from homicide to insurance scams. Some of the cases can become tedious and drag on and others keep you interested and keen to find out what happens next. During your play through you will encounter different partners each with different attitudes towards you and how they do their job. Moving to new desks and getting new partners with new cars stops the game from becoming overly repetitive but it still doesn’t make things feel new. This is because every case is aggravatingly similar and by “similar” i don’t mean story-wise. They are similar as you spend all of your time walking around a crime scene waiting for your controller to vibrate to find evidence, you will chase someone in a car, interrogate people and perhaps get in a few fire fights. The game doesn’t feel that new with each case. But what else can you do when your a detective? Maybe being the law instead of a criminal limits the cool things you can do. 

This brings me on to my next point. In rockstars previous games such as the beloved GTA IV, there is so much to do. It really is a free roam sand-box game. But in L.A. Noire, although technically free roam, it feels so linear because  constantly you are driving somewhere and you are always stuck to deep into the story. You can’t even take your gun out unless you are in a part of the story where it is needed. This is why the game can become oh so boring. When playing a game like GTA and L.A. Noire sometimes when your a bit bored of the story mode you can just go on a rampage and do some crazy stunts. But in L.A. Noire you cant.

The story was good but not extraordinary and sometimes Cole Phelps (the character who you play) does things which are completely random and un- characteristic of him just so that the story can progress with something new and interesting (if you’ve played the game you will know what i am talking about)

I have decided to give L.A. Noire a 7/10-Good

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Could be even better than it’s predecessor. 

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Upcoming: BioShock Infinite

Although the Bioshock franchise/saga was let down by the second instalment, it still remains a hot-topic, a game surrounded with buzz and expectation. Bioshock fans will hope Infinite will be the sequel they all expected in 2010. The Demo of Infinite shown at E3 was tortuous, leaving you with many questions at the hope of mouthwatering prospects. 

No longer are we found in the deep under-city of Rapture but instead we have been transported to 1912 and more importantly to the floating republic of Columbia. We have learned Columbia, during the Boxer Rebellion, after involvement in the destruction of some Chinese city, split from the USA and it’s Uncle Sam image. It belongs to no-one, it answers to no-one. 

Infinite will differ further from the previous games, the game providing a more personal story. The game will be character led, namely by Booker DeWitt. DeWitt, a former Pinkerton agent, has gambling debts, a dark, mysterious and perhaps dangerous past. Now in Columbia, he is on an assignment to find and rescue a girl named Elizabeth, protecting her whilst also serving as her courier to New york. 

If you’ve been paying keen attention to teasers recently, you will, of course, know that Elizabeth is the wonderfully powerful teenager. Not only does she possess incredible abilities, she is the cause of Columbia’s civil war. ‘The Founders’ want for her to remain locked in her tower, as she has been since the age of five, however, an anarchist group ‘The Vox Populi’ want her dead. Good luck Booker DeWitt. 

Whilst trying to save a dying horse, Elizabeth accidentally transports herself and DeWittto 1983 and they soon become surrounded in bright neon lights. The scene then flashes back to 1912 when an ambulance collided head-on with Elizabeth. 

The pair are fugitives. Their encounters and interaction with the Columbian citizens differs to those with splicers in the previous games, mainly because the citizens do not attack on sight. DeWitt is then faced with choices in such circumstances: Does he try to goad them into a fight or try and sneak past, un-noticed. The City’s Sky-Lines, act as transport systems but also can be used in combat, allowing for more speed to introduced into combat scenes. 

The main questions are. What and how powerful are Elizabeth’s powers? Will the gameplay changes be successful. 

Release Date: 2012

Publisher: 2k games

Format: Xbox 360/PS3. 

My Prediction: 8.5/10

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Its finally here, Generation Games youtube account starting with a playthrough of Duke Nukem Forever 

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Up coming reviews

La noire and Alice madness returns, sorry to keep you waiting.

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